The Day South Park Got Us!

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The Day South Park Got Us!

I don’t watch South Park, but from time to time, my husband does. South Park, for those of you who have never watched, is an animated show geared for adults only because the content is controversial and sometimes political.

One night, my husband was watching South Park and on this episode, the kids in the show were playing around with their Amazon Alexa. They shouted out to Alexa to put disgusting items on the shopping list. While they shouted this out, our home “Alexa” was going haywire! She added these items to our shopping list!

Then they did something completely different. Through the chaos, they were able to somehow manipulate television watcher’s Amazon Alexa to go off at the same time the next morning.

When I got up at 7 am to get ready for my run, an alarm started to go off.

“Alexa, turn off the alarm,” I shouted.

She didn’t respond. My husband woke up. “Oh no, it was South Park!” he said.

We later found out that anyone who watched this episode had their alarms go off at 7 am too!