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One Woman’s Journey From Ruptured Brain Aneurysm to Survivor

Season 20* Feb 2, 2024

Hilary Topper talks with Tricia Lieberman ScobeyThere are people in this world who face unexpected challenges but can overcome them with resiliency and inspiration. Tricia Lieberman Scobey is one of those people.

Tricia had a ruptured brain aneurysm in November 2020, at the height of the pandemic. She was experiencing some migraines before the rupture. Still, while watching television with her daughter, it suddenly occurred, and the next thing she remembers is being in the hospital and being told that she needed surgery.

Three surgeries later, Tricia is thankfully here to tell her story. Be moved and motivated as you listen to her story. Find out what she went through and how she felt mentally, especially as an athlete and a runner.

What is Career Conversations and LI STEM HUB?

Season 20* Feb 9, 2024

Hilary Topper talks with Andrew Parton of LI STEM HUB on Hilary Topper on Air

Learning about STEM does so much for our youth. They learn about problem-solving, critical thinking, innovation, and entrepreneurship, build confidence, and boost their vocabulary. Learning about STEM exposes kids to various personal and career opportunities. All this and more play a pivotal role in enhancing Long Island’s workforce. Today’s guest on Hilary Topper on Air is Andrew Parton, co-steward of the Long Island STEM Hub and president of the Cradle of Aviation Museum. Andy is at the forefront of initiatives that bridge the gap between education and career readiness in STEM fields. One such initiative is the Career Conversations program, a cornerstone of the Long Island STEM Hub’s efforts to empower students.

How to Find Cowboy Boots Right For You

Season 22* July 12, 2024

Cowboy boots are experiencing a significant resurgence in fashion, becoming a must-have accessory for style enthusiasts across the globe. Their unique blend of rugged authenticity and timeless elegance has captured the attention of fashion-forward individuals, making them a staple in contemporary wardrobes. I am so excited to be talking with the co-owner of a boot company that I absolutely love. I’ve been wearing these boots for years and won’t buy from anywhere else, except this small boot store in Austin, Texas.

Today we have Kimber Breaux, co-owner and designer of Heritage Boot Co.

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