I’d Like to Teach The World To Sing with Coca-Cola

After watching the series finale of Mad Men (AMC) the other night, I keep singing the song, “I’d like to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony….” I kept thinking of all the

The Brilliance in Failure Book Review

The book, The Brilliance in Failure – A Leader’s Learning Journey by Christian A. Brickman, takes the reader on a journey through Brickman’s career — the ups and the downs. He discusses why he failed in

#TechTuesday: Smart Fabrics & Wearable Technology Conference Review

The Smart Fabrics & Wearable Tech Conference consistently gets better every year! The conference opened with Stacey Burr of Adidas and Chairperson of the event, giving the opening remarks. She also acted as the moderator

New Tech Blog!

I’m thrilled to announce that we have a new Tech blog called Tech News Now!  On it, we will host all of our videos from Tech News Now and from Wearable On Air.  I

No Time For The Gym? Try these Desk-ercise Workouts!

John Rowley’s 10 Minute Lunchtime Circuit and “Desk-ercise” Workouts are two no-equipment, compact circuits that will work every muscle in the body and help you feel the burn in 10 minutes or less. Great

Tech Tuesday: Whirlpool Smart Appliances

Whirlpool has a developed a series of smart appliances- including these washers and dryers- that use smart home technology to connect with your Nest device and a smart phone app, allowing you to control

The Amazing College Race

We set out for an adventure, an adventure I call “The Amazing College Race.”  My son found out about his acceptances on April 1st. He needs to make a decision by May 1st, so

Discount Tickets for Smart Fabrics & Wearable Tech Conference

This is my second year attending the Smart Fabrics & Wearable Tech Conference and this year, I have discount tickets to the event, which will be held in San Francisco on May 10 –

Racing the Montauk Sprint for a Friend

I wanted to re-share this story that appeared in ATriathletesDiary.com about a dear friend who passed away last week.  I’m sharing this to honor his memory, his strength and his courage. ———– A little

How To Get Your Teenager Up in the Morning

How do you get your teenager up in the morning to go to school?  I think that’s the million dollar question. I struggle with it every morning.  Here’s a typical day: ——– You wake

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