Racing the Montauk Sprint for a Friend

I wanted to re-share this story that appeared in about a dear friend who passed away last week.  I’m sharing this to honor his memory, his strength and his courage. ———– A little

How To Get Your Teenager Up in the Morning

How do you get your teenager up in the morning to go to school?  I think that’s the million dollar question. I struggle with it every morning.  Here’s a typical day: ——– You wake

Take Control and Feel More Confident in Job Interviews

Interviews unnerve even the most confident job hunters. Your palms sweat, your self-doubt creeps into your mind, and you think, “What if I’m not qualified?” Or, “Will they like me?” Jacqueline Whitmore, an internationally-recognized

Five Tips On How To Get Through the College Process

Here are five tips on how to get through the college process. Try to be unattached.  This is going to be hard because your baby is moving on with his life but the less

Why I Love Shakeology

My friend and teammate turned me on to Shakeology.  To be honest, I didn’t want to try it.  I had this gut feeling I wouldn’t like it.  But he told me that it would

Facebook Business Pages: Small Business and Online Stores Benefit the Most According to Survey

Do you have a small business?  If so, do you think having a Facebook page is a waste of time? Recently, HJMT Public Relations Inc. surveyed more than 150 people on their attitudes on

Job Hunting Tips and Strategies

Are you looking for a new opportunity?  Want job hunting tips and strategies? If so, listen to the interview below. Each year, Enterprise Holdings hires individuals for various positions in-marketing, human resources, branch, airport,

Why I Would Never Recommend Dollar or Thrifty Rental Cars

I’ve rented a lot of different cars through the years. I travel a lot for business and yet, have not had many problems. Until this past trip to Los Angeles when I rented a

75M+ Wearable Devices to be Deployed in Enterprise and Industrial Environments by 2020

Wearable devices such as fitness trackers have started to impact consumers’ personal lives, making them more knowledgeable about their activity levels, sleep patterns, and eating habits. However, the impact of wearables goes beyond trackers

What is the Difference Between Banks vs Credit Unions?

Many people don’t understand the difference between banks vs credit unions. Lynne Vicarro O’Leary, Vice President of Marketing at Teachers Federal Credit Union will talk about that and more including the services available to Brings You the Latest In:

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