New #GoogleGlass App Lets You Mix Drinks the Right Way

The more I use Google Glass, the more I’m finding valuable applications for this wearable technology. Recently, I came across an app for Google Glass that enables you to learn how to mix drinks.

5 Statistics You Need to Know About How Women are Using Tech

Insights in Marketing‘s (IIM) new study reveals how a woman’s psychological makeup correlates with her approach to technology, the Internet and social media. After interviewing 3,400 men and women between the ages 18-67, the study

Wearable On Air- The Future of Smart Glasses with i2i, Inc.

Dr. Masoud Vaziri is the founder and chief executive officer of i2i, Inc., a company he established in 2012. The company has spent the last six years researching and developing iPal, a wearable computer

Product Review: Garden of Life Kind Organics Women’s Multi

I hate to admit it but I don’t take vitamins. I never did. But lately, I’ve been exercising so much, that I decided it might be a good idea. Then a box from Garden

Learn How To Live It Up With Donna Drake

Check out this interview with Live it Up’s host, Donna Drake as she talks about life, love and how to enjoy every moment of the day! Check Out Lifestyle Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio

Tech News Now- #getbytten By Adding Fashion to Your Fitbit

Bytten is a great new way to add some fashionable flair to your fitness tracker. These charms, both in metal and plastic versions, easily slide onto your Jawbone or Fitbit to take you from

New Influence Central Research Upends Traditional View of Empty-Nester Generation

When the descriptors “tech-savvy” and “digitally fluent” become attached to a consumer group, they typically evoke images of a young, Smartphone-wielding, 20-something cohort. But according to unprecedented research findings from social media and digital

Hilary Topper On Air- Love & Quiches CEO Talks About How To Start Your Own Business

In this episode of Hilary Topper On Air on Blogtalk Radio, I interviewed Susan Axelrod, Founder of Love & Quiches Gourmet.  Listen in as she talks about how she got her start and how

Why I’m Boycotting Merrick Walbaum’s…

I’ve been food shopping at Merrick Walbaum’s since I moved back to Long Beach Island in the early 1990’s. It’s convenient. They usually have a good array of fruits and vegetables. It’s familiar. I

Author/CEO Talks About How McDonalds Runs a Successful Business

Paul Facella started his career at McDonald’s and learned everything he could about the business.  After reaching a senior management role at the corporation, he decided to write about what he learned about business