How #Selfies Are Changing The Face of Photography

Art professors Ren Hullender, Al Wildey discover 63 categories by analyzing 4,500 selfies The world is having a love affair with selfies, the digital self-portraits usually taken with a mobile phone and uploaded to

Prevent Breakdowns of Your Heating Unit Before the Winter Season

After the first cold snap of winter, it is estimated that 40% of heating units break down each year due to a lack of maintenance. As the winter weather nears, it’s important to take

PR Expert in Wearable Devices Shares New Technologies

Check out this interview I had on Live It Up with Donna Drake a couple of weeks ago, where I focused on new wearable technology and how consumers can use these in every day

HJMT at New York TechWeek Talking About Wearable Tech

NY TechWeek was a great event. I sat on a panel on Wearables and one of my staff members decided to video tape the session.  Here’s what I said: During this episode of Tech

Social Media Attitudes Changed Significantly in Four Years, But Not That Much

When I got into social media in 2006, people looked at me as if I were an alien. Today, more than 75% of all adults are involved in social media. Now, businesses from tiny

Run a Small Business? Check Out Affordable Moving Billboards

Moving advertisements have been around for a while now. You see small billboards on municipal buses, trucks and even rickshaws. But until now, they weren’t affordable for small businesses.  In comes Zeusvision, a disrupter

Prosthetic Wearable Technology from LIM Innovations

In this week’s episode of Wearable On Air, Ranjit Steiner of LIM Innovations talks about a new prosthetic wearable company in San Francisco. Prosthetics have been around since the beginning of time. According to

Teachers Federal Credit Union Still Committed to Stony Brook

A statement regarding the ending of TFCU’s partnership with Stony Brook University from Robert G. Allen, President & CEO of Teachers Federal Credit Union. As one of the largest credit unions in the United

Who Is Using #GoogleGlass or Any Other Smart Glass Product?

Have you wondered why more people aren’t wearing Google Glass or any other Smart Glass product for that matter? I have. I’ve been a Google Glass explorer since the beginning of the program, last

Tech News Now: WVU Wearable Technology Hackathon

On October 24 through 26 at West Virginia University (WVU), students from around the country, mentors and professionals got together for a Google/PBS MediaShift Hackathon.  Eight teams competed with each other and came up