Mio Fuse Activity Tracker Review

Move over FitBit, JawBone and Shine, the Mio Fuse Activity Tracker is here and will give those companies a run for their money! I chose to write this review specifically since the Mio Fuse Activity

Tech Tuesday: Luxury Smart Watch by Omate

Looking for a luxury smart watch that you could wear to work or even to a black tie event? Omate sells beautiful, high-end smart watches that wouldn’t be out of place on the red

Increase Your Sales Skills

Increase your sales skills today.  Listen to Tim Healy of Healy Success Solutions Inc., a sales and coaching company, discuss the most powerful technique in sales and how you can develop your skills and

Tech Tuesday: Check Out What These Wearable Tattoos Do!

When I went to CES 2015, I stopped by a book and saw this wearable tattoo that does so much more than just take a child’s temperature. Vivalnk has developed wearable tattoos that read

Happy Valentines Day: Check Out These 10 Best Wine Travel Dest of 2015

Happy Valentines Day!  This is the perfect day to plan your next vacation and why not focus on one of the top 10 best wine travel destinations? Wine Enthusiast Magazine has crowned the 10

Dr. Seuss’ Work At Gallery Opening Tonight in NYC

Who doesn’t love Dr. Seuss? When you hear his name, it reminds you of Green Eggs & Ham and the Cat in the Hat. Now children of all ages can see all of his

Tech Tuesday: Treating Chronic Pain with Technology

On Tech Tuesday, this episode of Tech News Now talks with a company that is treating chronic pain with technology. Treating chronic pain with technology may seem like a thing of the future, but

An Original Google Glass Explorer Talks About Glass

Recently, I received a letter from Google saying they were no longer producing Google Glass in its current form and the explorer program has come to an end as of January 19, 2015. They

Crocs Make Golf Shoes for Ladies?

Who would have thought that Crocs now makes golf shoes! And who would have thought that Crocs would make golf shoes specifically for ladies? The other day, I was pleasantly surprised to see a

Tech Tuesday: Light Up Cycling Jacket

Ever worry when cycling at night about not being visible on the road? This light up cycling jacket from Visijax will solve that problem with wearable tech. Now cyclists can be protected from cars

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