Do’s & Don’ts Tips On Social Media…

This was a press release I recently received. It was so funny and yet so true, I thought I’d share with you…


Trend Micro, a global developer of security software solutions, provides a summer social media guide to ensure you’re engaging with friends, family and acquaintances with content that won’t annoy or disturb your followers. If you’ve been on social media outlets lately, you’ve seen them. Don’t be this guy:

The Duck Face Queen

If you must post a picture of just yourself, have a purpose for doing so. Make sure you have an interesting background – a recognizable location or a funny moment caught on camera. But please, please don’t post a picture of yourself with the duck face while driving.


Too #Blessed To Be Stressed

We’ve all seen it – the friend that posts pictures of their #Blessed life. Sometimes not everyone is as blessed as others with a new Ferrari. Try being #thankful.


The Romantic Couple

So you’re recently engaged and planning a fabulous wedding. Good for you! Your followers don’t need to know about your personal plans or see what should go on behind closed doors.If you want your family or loved ones to witness your love, make sure your privacy settings are at the appropriate levels, so not everyone is annoyed.


The Mommy Over-Sharer

We know you love to post pictures of your kids, but remember you’re creating a social media profile for them before they’re able to make one for themselves. What you post about your kids can have negative consequences for them later on in life. If you must show these family moments, set your privacy setting to allow family-only.


The Inexperienced

We’ve all seen the grandmother or dad on social media that doesn’t know how to use a computer. If you’re one of these users, take a quick lesson and avoid making these silly mistakes!


“It’s fun to post pictures of summer travel and family trips, but often times social media winds up being the place to share content that is not necessarily pleasant for all viewers,” said Christopher Budd, global threat communication manager, Trend Micro. “Thankfully, there are tools and privacy settings that let users post any kind of content they wish, without every friend being able to see. In the same way, there are also settings that let users hide friends’ content.”

Trend Micro’s Titanium Security helps users effectively monitor their social media privacy settings to ensure content is only seen by those intended.

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    Very true, and very funny! Thank you for sharing.

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