A Runner’s Diary: Getting Back on Track

woman running

It’s been more than a month since the NYC Half Marathon and since I didn’t make it into the NYC Marathon, I haven’t really been motivated to get back into the “swing of things.”

But the other day, I forced myself. Let me tell you, it was a struggle. Do you ever have those internal battles with yourself where one side of you is saying, “Go it’s good for you,” and the other side is saying, “But it will hurt, and I don’t feel like it!” On this day, the “it’s good for you” side won, and I ran two miles on the boardwalk near my hometown.

Smelling the ocean air and hearing the waves hit the sand relaxed me. I felt like I had no worries in the world. I also felt calm and in the moment. Every time I felt my mind wondering about problems or situations in my life, I would turn back to the sound of the waves and also hear my music playing.

I didn’t run far. Actually, I walked a lot of it. But since my next half marathon is in January, I didn’t panic. I stayed calm and relaxed.

It was funny because although I felt my legs hurting, actually burning when I ran and then stopped running to walk, I was calm and at peace. Maybe there is something to this “mind, body, spirit” connection?

In anticipation for the Disney Half, I decided to reach out to the New York Road Runner’s Club and see if they had any programs to join to motivate me. I ended up signing up for a running club once a week in New York City. I’m sure there will be lots of future blog posts about this group. Stay tuned.