A Typical Day on Long Island in Lockdown…

lock down letters

In New York, we have been on lockdown for a while. We all knew this was coming. But, we didn’t know how bad it could get. Right after the “Chef of the Year” event from Queens Center for Progress, where I was honored, I hunkered down in my home on Long Island. That day was March 4, 2020.

#TB Chef of the Year Event

It’s funny reflecting back to the event, Lisa Gordon, HJMT‘s Executive VP, had flown out for it and we were both scared to death that we would catch something by being with so many people. There were about 500 business people at the event.

Although Lisa and I tried not to shake anyone’s hand, we did when we had to, as not to seem rude. But, quickly thereafter, we put hand sanitizer on our hands and continued on our way.

The event was great and I meant to review it here on my blog but then COVID-19 hit us hard and that’s all anyone talked about, including me.

Typical Day in the COVID-19 Pandemic

Since the “stay at home” order (also known as Lockdown), my typical day consists of getting up at 5 am and having coffee. After going through my emails and text messages, I either go for a run, bike or I strength train. That lasts about an hour, sometimes more.

Then, I shower and get ready for the day. After going through a series of emails and responding to clients and colleagues, it’s time for the 11:00 am briefing from Governor Cuomo. I watch it with my family. No one talks.

About an hour later, it’s time to clean — the kitchen, bathroom, my messy closet, etc. Then, I go into my gym and wonder if I will compete in any races this year.

Emails and Television

I look at my emails, hoping that I’ll get good news from a reporter or from a new business lead. Nothing is happening. All that is happening is email after email after email about COVID-19. There may be one or two about small business loans, but that’s about it. The majority of the emails are about COVID.

The television stays on most of the day. We switch between CNBC and Fox. I like to hear different perspectives.

The USA is now the epicenter of COVID-19. There are twice the amounts of people who have the virus here than anywhere else in the world. More people have died in New York than during 9/11. It’s scary, terrifying and it seems like there’s no end in sight.

I’m finding myself getting frustrated and angry. My patience is at an all-time low and anyone who wants to pick a fight at this moment, come on, let’s get it on! (One of my friends suggested I buy a boxing bag. I’m considering buying one!)


I’m considering buying this one!

I’m frustrated by so many things, I can’t even begin to name them all here.

Is it about politics???

I’m also frustrated by comments on Facebook. Really guys? Do you really think this is about politics? To me, it has nothing to do with being a democrat or republican. Personally, I wish there were other options, but there aren’t any!

People are dying. People are losing their jobs. Our economy is falling down faster than ever before and there’s nothing we can do about it except wash our hands and stay socially distant. It’s so upsetting!

At 5 pm

Every day, we turn on the television to watch the President and his task force. I’m not sure why I watch this? And, why is New York always to blame for everything???

I feel like some of the doctors are trying but if they go against the President, they will lose their jobs. So where does it leave us?

At the press conference, the President talks and talks and talks. I’m not quite sure what he’s saying but I do know that his words are now just going through me. Even though the TV is on, I’m not listening any longer. He refuses to answer questions from many of the reporters and it makes me anxious!

I focus back to the television after a reporter asks the President a pressing question and he doesn’t know how to respond. “You are just Fake News,” he screams at the reporter. I shake my head.

Dinner time

It’s now dinner time and I usually make something. Although I was given the honor of Chef of the Year, I’m used to ordering in and going out. This is something new for me. I’m trying hard to make something different but it all seems to taste the same.

While dinner is happening we continue to watch the news. It’s the same thing. Nothing has changed.

After Dinner

We watch a couple of mindless shows and then I head upstairs to the bedroom. I’m done. I’ve had enough of yet another day in lockdown.

I go to bed and think, “hmmm… I wonder what my day will be like tomorrow…” And, we all know it’s just the same…


I say a prayer before I go to bed. I pray that everyone I know makes it through this pandemic and that my dad recognizes me when he sees me again.

P.S. I apologize in advance if I offended anyone in this post. It’s just how I feel right now…