Another Bad Hair Day?

Come on already, this is ridiculous! Almost every day this week, the weather has been misty, raining or just plain humid and my hair — looks like Rosanne Rosannadanna’s hair from the 1980’s Saturday Night Live season!

Boys, I know you don’t have this worry, but us girls, we have to think of these things.

Today, I was in my Manhattan office and while I was washing my hands in the bathroom, I said, “wow, my hair never looked this bad!”

The woman who was standing besides me laughed. “You know what you have to do darling?” she said. “You have to tease your hair with a comb or brush and put hair spray in. That’s the only tip I can give you.”

“Mmmmm…. good advice,” I said and carried on.

After attending an EO (Entrepreneurs Organization) event this evening and on my way back to Long Island, I was thinking about my “bad hair day.” Should I wear a hat to work tomorrow? Should I put my hair in a pony.

Then suddenly, as I was getting off the Loop Parkway into Long Beach, a car in front of me skidded out from the slickness of the road. He did a 360 degrees right in front of me! I stopped my car in the middle of the road and rolled down my window. My heart was racing. The man behind the wheel was okay. He quickly turned his car in the right direction and drove away.

At this point my hair was standing up from fear. Talk about a bad hair day!