Billionaires Row Brandy XO Review

Billionaires Row

I’ve never had Brandy before but I’ve seen many people drink it and they look so cool sipping a brandy glass and sometimes even smoking a cigar. So, when Billionaires Row reached out and asked if I would like a sample of their Brandy for my blog, I said “yes” and was excited to check it out.

Billionaires Row

Billionaires Row Brandy XO

Billionaires Row Brandy XO is produced in France.  And, if you’re like me, you know that French wines are incredible. The name Brandy, which is actually a Dutch word brandewijn, means burned wine. The liquor is distilled in wine barrels and it includes flavors like apple, apricot and cherry.

Billionaires Row Brandy XO has a subtle sweet taste and you can smell the various fruits when you open the bottle. It is typically served before or after a meal. I tried it after a meal on the rocks.

The company is owned by William Benson and Patrick Ductant. Their goal is to make Billionaire Row a “lifestyle” brand.

My Take

I poured myself a glass of the Brandy over ice. At first taste, I was a little taken aback. It tasted strong.  But, as the ice melted, the Brandy went down smooth and as it went down, I got a very nice buzz!

I was impressed at how much I enjoyed it. It was perfect after a heavy meal as an after dinner cordial.

The color is a beautiful amber and it comes in a classy bottle. As I sipped the Brandy, I thought my next thing is to buy some brandy glasses to enjoy it even more.

The 750ml bottle can be purchase in a local liquor store or you can buy it on line for $59.99.