Book Review: Kieran Crowley’s Hack A Shepherd Novel

I read a ton of business books.  Some call me a business book geek. I barely read anything that isn’t non-fiction.  However, when Kieran Crowley told me about his new book, Hack – A Shepherd Novel, I was interested.

I have known Kieran for many years through his association with the New York Post. I didn’t know he wrote mystery books. Hack was the first mystery book I have read in years and you know what, I really enjoyed it.

Hack is about a pet reporter, F.X. Shepherd, who works for the New York Mail and finds himself at a crime scene at famous foodie, Aubrey Forsythe’s house. Aubrey’s partner, Neil Leonardi, dead on the floor in the kitchen with a piece of his flesh removed, cooked and sprinkled with parmesan cheese. Aubrey’s dog, a Syberian Husky named Skippy, stood guard protecting the body.

Since Shepherd had a way with pets, particularly dogs, he calms down Skippy as the investigators check out the body and search for clues on the killer.

After the initial shock of the first murder, Hack continues to engage the reader and takes lots of twists and turns. The reader goes on a fun, roller coaster ride through Shepherd’s life.  There’s insight into the politics that happen at a tabloid and the competition of competing papers for the same story.  The reader takes a look into the personal life of FX Shepherd and even gets a first look at what a fellow reporter might do to “steal” a story from her competitor.

The book has everything juicy that you would want to see in a murder mystery — brutal murders, sex and lots of action.

Crowley is an engaging author and takes the reader on a ride with a surprise ending. If you’re looking for a good, fast-paced, action-packed book to take on vacation, pack away Hack – A Shepherd Novel.  It’s fun, well-written and takes you on a voyage into the cut throat world of journalism.


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