Can You Do Social Networking Wrong?

Recently I friended a local spa.  They were a client of mine several years ago and I was curious to see how they utilized social media and especially social networking.

Every time I looked at Facebook, I would see on my home page, an advertisement that said something about getting 20% off of a service.  However, the ad, which was supposed to be a status update, didn’t run once.  It didn’t run twice.  It ran at least a dozen times throughout a two day period.  I decided to post a comment on the status update.

I wrote that they need to try to engage their audience not turn them away by sending the same status updates over and over again.  Instead of taking my constructive criticism and thanking me, I received the following response:

“we appreciate your concerns. We apologize for upsetting you. This happens to be our most important time of the year to communicate to all. I am sure you will not be affected by any future posts. regards, and Happy Holidays”

They also banned me from their page and hid all of their posts.  Hmmm…. why would they turn me off like that?  Aren’t I a potential customer?

I guess they don’t want my business…. What do you think?

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