Don’t Know What To Use Twitter For?

If you think that Twitter is just random thoughts and messages, you are missing the boat. Twitter is a great marketing tool to get your message out to your community/audience.

Many large companies use Twitter for reputation management. They want their brand to be heard and they want to hear what people say about their brand.

Some use Twitter for testimonials. For example, if you have a product or service you may have a community member tweet about what he or she thinks of the product or service.

Twitter is also great to track the news. The first step in any public relations plan is to be a media watcher and Twitter enables you to do just that in one place.

Learn about trends and what people are thinking on Twitter. By doing this, you can tweak your marketing plan to make sure it works in today’s environment.

Twitter also enables you to find bloggers to review products, services or even books. The opinions of bloggers are strong. People tend to believe their peers not advertisers or salespeople.

Promote contests, new product introductions and even link interesting articles that you think your community would be interested in.

Twitter is one of the tools you can use as part of your social media mix. Also include other social networking sites, blogs, podcasts and video podcasts. Social media should be an essential component of your marketing plan. By not including it, you are missing an opportunity. Good luck!