Forme – The World’s First High Heel Shoe Shaper Review

shoe stretcher

Okay, you know I love shoes. I’ve been posting the Shoe of the Day Instagram Reels for the past few weeks. So, you know I have a lot of shoes and boots. I have so many shoes that I keep the seasonal shoes in the storage unit and then swap out every season. (I know it’s a sickness!) Anyway, when Forme, the world’s first High Heel Shoe Shaper reached out with its newest product, I couldn’t resist.

Forme Shoe ShaperThrough the years, I fell in love with shoes. Bought them. Took them home to find that they were so uncomfortable, I ended up discarding them! If you are like me you know Jimmy Choo has gorgeous shoes but impossible to wear!

Forme Comfort

I get this box with mechanical looking shoehorns. They get inserted into any shoe, boot, sandal, etc. and you can easily stretch it out.

There is a button on the top of the shoehorn that when you press it in, it expands the toe area. The company says that if you leave it in for an hour, it will fix it. If it doesn’t, they say, “leave it in overnight.”

This is a well-made product and you know the founder took time to make this a quality product. I particularly like that it has aeration built-in.

Unfortunately, I got rid of a ton of shoes that didn’t fit right but I plan on keeping my Forme shoe shapers in my closet for when that time comes that I need to stretch out a shoe, boot, or sandal!

The Founder and Inventor

Maureen Stockton is the founder and inventor of the product. She’s like me, a shoe addict! She has 31 years of experience as an inventor, entrepreneur, and shoe aficionado.  She says, “My wish-they-fit shoes are out of their boxes and back in the rotation and I am wearing them all pain-free!”

You can pick up a pair of these shoe shapers at for $48.95.