Giordano’s Pizza in Chicago Review

pizza at Giordano's Pizza

Recently, my friend Trish and I headed to Chicago for a quick weekend getaway to run the Chicago Spring Half Marathon. With all the miles we logged, we craved a good, hearty meal post-race. Based on our hotel’s recommendation, we tried Giordano’s Pizza, one of the city’s famed spots for deep-dish pizza.

Giordano’s Pizza in Chicago

When we arrived, we were met with an incredibly long line. It took us nearly an hour just to get seated. The wait was frustrating, especially since we had pre-ordered our pizza, hoping to speed things up once we finally sat down. We were seated just as the dinner rush was peaking, and the place was buzzing with chaos and noise—not the relaxing post-race dinner ambiance we had hoped for.

To our relief, our pizzas arrived shortly after we sat down. However, the experience went downhill from there. The pizza itself could have been more impressive. Despite the hype surrounding Giordano’s, the flavors didn’t deliver. The sauce was nothing special, lacking the rich, robust taste you’d expect from a renowned deep-dish pizza joint.

Tourist Trap

Inside giordano's

Our waiter mentioned that Giordano’s is a major tourist hotspot, attracting visitors from all over the world. This might explain the high traffic and the less-than-stellar quality we experienced. He also suggested that we should have ordered one large pizza instead of two individual ones, claiming it tastes better that way. I’m skeptical about this advice, as the size shouldn’t drastically change the flavor or quality.

Overall, I have to say I was disappointed. Given the numerous options for exceptional deep-dish pizza in Chicago, Giordano’s fell short of expectations. For those visiting the Windy City and looking to indulge in authentic deep-dish pizza, I’d recommend exploring other local favorites. There are plenty of gems in Chicago that offer a more satisfying and flavorful experience.

In hindsight, venturing to a less touristy spot might have provided a better dining experience. So, if you find yourself in Chicago with a deep-dish craving, do your research and perhaps skip the well-trodden path to Giordano’s. Your taste buds will thank you!