Going On A #GoogleGlass #FindYourIsland Challenge to #FtMeyerSanibel

As part of the #GoogleGlass Explorer program, I was put into a private explorer group (similar to a private Facebook group or Yammer group).

Every day, I scour the group.  Hey, you never know what someone posted that day.  A couple of weeks ago, I came across a post that struck my attention.

“I am in search for fellow Explorers who would be interested in showcasing how Google Glass enhances travel experiences. I recently wrote an article for Skift.com, a travel industry publication on the subject matter (see video below) and I am now looking for several explorers to participate in a travel adventure (travel expenses paid). If you are interested in potentially being a part of this program, please leave a comment below. Thanks.” -Robert (@RobertPatterson on Twitter)

I told him I was interested.  And, when things were as hectic as they could be, I get a phone call from Shea Carter from Patterson’s office asking me if I would be interested in a “Google Glass travel experience with The Beaches of Fort Myers & Sanibel.”

Without a blink, I said “yes.” If she caught me any other time, I probably would have said “no,” because I am way too busy at work. But, I agreed and I’m all in.  I’m leaving Friday on this #FindYourIsland Adventure.  I plan on blogging, tweeting and making lots of status updates on the good, the bad and the best parts of traveling to Ft. Meyers and Sanibel.  Stay tuned…

P.S.  Here is the landing page –  https://fortmyers-sanibel.com/google_glass with the other folks I’m challenging along with a video of the experience.  


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