Have a Brick and Mortar Store? Check this out!


Do you want to know who is in your store? What they like? Aura Vision Labs launched their first visitor analytics for retailers, mall, and venue operators. This was launched at CES 2021.

Aura Vision’s platform uses state-of-the-art ‘deep learning’ technology to extract useful information about how people shop from live footage captured on existing cameras and existing security systems.

“Computers are excellent at repetitive jobs, but we’re starting to see new developments that are set to disrupt global markets by performing complex tasks in a more human-like manner,” said computer vision specialist Jaime Lomeli.

For a long time, loyalty cards have been the only solution for analyzing customer spending habits in-store. But invasive customer signups and waning popularity mean many customer purchases are not being tracked, restricting card effectiveness.

Instead, Aura Vision’s cost-effective solution tracks every visitor in real-time and avoids signups to protect identities. “This is the way that things are going, isn’t it? Understanding who your customers are” commented Lohan Presencer, Chairman at Ministry of Sound after seeing the impressive tech.

Identity scientist Daniel Martinho-Corbishley says; “With this novel technology, retail marketers could go beyond simply counting customers. Now they can capture 100% of in-store visitor demographics, dwell spots, walk-ins, and walk-bys; this enables businesses to improve conversion rates, act on missed opportunities and target specific customer segments in unprecedented detail.”

Looking towards other applications, this technology can also be used to help retailers implement health and safety measures pertaining to the spread of COVID-19. The technology allows for live occupancy counting allowing retailers to implement store occupancy restrictions. This provides a more cost-effective solution to having security guards placed at entrances and exits to count footfall.

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