Homecoming Always a Great Time…

1018081500a.jpgI feel like I live in a small town when it’s time for homecoming. In Long Beach, we have a huge parade. The band plays and everyone in the town marches to the Middle School.

At the Middle School, the football players play their game and at half time, the marching band practices for the Hofstra Marching Band competition this week. (For those of you not going, the Long Beach High School Band’s theme is Stevie Wonder.)

During the game, High School students have booths in the gymnasium to try to raise money for their High School clubs. There was a crepe booth for the Foreign Language Honor Society, a food booth for the African American club, and even a first aid booth for the Emergency Club!

The funniest booth was the “Pie in the Face” booth sponsored by Long Beach Model Congress. My daughter is on the Board and was one of the “pie” participants. Attendees purchased tickets and if they had six tickets to spare, they could throw a pie in the face of one of the board members. (For an additional two tickets, they had the opportunity to pie the advisers.)

As we walked away, spending $50 (because how could you not buy the cute Long Beach hat and Long Beach scarf from the PTA!), I had a smile on my face. I thought about the “pie in the face” booth and specifically one of the advisers who wore a raincoat. She had so much pie all over her, it was pretty funny….



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