Lifetime Achievement Award Recap

I was honored to receive a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Public Relations Professionals of Long Island (PRPLI). The event was held on May 15th during a beautiful luncheon at Westbury Manor.  It was a day of reflection, celebration, and heartfelt gratitude, surrounded by cherished friends, colleagues, and my son.

A Little Switch-a- Roo

Derek presenting the award to me.

My business partner, Lisa Gordon, was initially scheduled to present the award to me. Unfortunately, she fell ill and couldn’t attend. I asked my son, Derek, to step in in her place. Derek delivered a profoundly touching introduction that left me momentarily speechless. His words were filled with warmth and pride, making it one of the most emotional moments of the event for me.

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About the Event

The luncheon was wonderfully organized, and seeing many familiar faces in attendance was heartening. Former employees, past clients, and even members of my running group came to share this special occasion with me. It was a testament to the lasting relationships and community bonds built over the years.

Adding to the joy of the day, my running group and Ellen Williams of The Salient Strategist, Inc. took out separate ads to celebrate my achievement. These gestures of recognition and support meant the world to me, highlighting the collective effort and dedication that has characterized my career.

Running group

Why this was so special to me…

Receiving this Lifetime Achievement Award is not just a personal milestone; it’s a recognition of the many years of dedication to the community and our clients. The presence and support of everyone who attended made the day unforgettable. I am profoundly grateful for this honor and for the opportunity to continue contributing to the field of public relations and the community I love.


Thank you to PRPLI, my wonderful family, friends, colleagues, and all those who have been part of this incredible journey. Your support and recognition are truly appreciated and will be cherished forever.

BTW, check out this video and you will hear my son’s speech and my speech. I think you’ll find it interesting and hopefully inspiring to you!