Mountain Jam – A Brief Review

The best thing about Mountain Jam is the setting. The festival is set on Hunter Mountain surrounded by trees and the Catskill mountains.

It’s a beautiful venue to hold a music concert. The stage is set at the base of the mountain so everyone has a great view. The only bad thing, you have to climb the mountain to find your spot.

My husband and I decided to go on Saturday. There really wasn’t anyone in particular that we wanted to see, but we wanted to spend time with our friends so we went.

In my opinion, the line-up was pretty poor compared to other festivals around the area. I liked three songs – two from Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats and Houndmouth’s Sedona.

Mountain Jam had a huge stage and a smaller stage right next to it. The stages were completely bare. There was no back drop, just the performers.

At times when we got bored or hungry, we climbed down to the bottom.  Around the stage, the organizers had vendors of all kinds ranging from “hippie gear” to Ben and Jerry’s ice cream. They also had a wide selection of food, which I found better than many of the other festivals I had been to. Once you were seated on the mountain, you weren’t going down much because you had to walk back up and that wasn’t fun!

When we looked up, we noticed the lift was running. My husband and I decided to go for a ride up the mountain. To my surprise, the festival charged $6 per person for a quick 15-minute ride. (The sign said 30 minutes but they must have measured the line length and not the length of the ride.)

Inside the venue, they had an open mic where some people played. My friends Nelson and Stephanie went over to the drum tenIMG_0044 (2)t and started playing. Other people joined in. Unfortunately, I just heard about it and didn’t see it. Sounded like that was the best band at Mountain Jam!

Like most festivals, there were a lot of people dressed in “hippie” garb. Some were even dressed up in animal costumes. There was even a Chinese dragon that came out every so often!

To me, the weekend was just relaxing and a lot of fun. It was great spending it with old friends. We rented a house and just laughed the entire weekend!