New Found Freedom with the COVID Vaccine!

getting the covid vaccine

It is amazing the difference I feel today as opposed to a year ago. Last year at this time, I wouldn’t leave the house. The only people I saw were my immediate family living in my home with me. Even seeing my daughter and her fiance, was a challenge. We stayed 6 feet apart and wore masks. No hugging.

Going to Florida

I went to Florida a few weeks ago. Although Florida doesn’t think COVID-19 exists, it was so nice to see my dad after a year. I waited so long to get the vaccine and then two weeks later in order to see him. He recognized me but didn’t know my name and didn’t remember anything about me, which was a fear I had when the COVID lockdown first started.

But, I was grateful to see him, hug him and kiss him. It meant a lot to me.

I was also happy to see my brother and his family. It’s been way too long. We lost a full year of our precious lives.

Vaccine gives new found freedom

But with the vaccine, I feel a new found freedom. When I was on the plane, I wasn’t nervous. When I was sitting in a crowded airport, I wasn’t nervous. And, although infuriating, when I was walking about Atlantic Avenue in Delray Beach, I wasn’t nervous. (I just couldn’t believe that it was so crowded and no one wore masks!)

Not sure why

I’m not sure why people won’t get the vaccine, but that’s their loss. I’ll be happy when we toss away these masks for good, but I’ll probably still wear them on airplanes and other modes of transportation.