Product Review: Neil Strauss Who’s Got Game?

I never heard of Neil Strauss until I looked him up online.  Strauss is a journalist, a best selling author of The Game, and a premier pick up artist.

Since I’m on the square side, I didn’t quite get the pick up artist. Then, after watching the Jimmy Kimmel Show with Neil Strauss as the guest, I had an “aha” moment.

That being said, I received the box game, “Who’s Got Game? The Game with Benefits!” from a business acquaintance that asked me if I would review it. When he sent it to my office, I thought it looked like fun.  Again, being the naïve person that I am, I didn’t quite understand the term the game with benefits until I started to read some of the player cards.

I’m probably not the right person to review this game, but it did pique my curiosity.

The game is simple, start out with a minimum of four players over the age of 18.  Each player needs to pick a partner.  The partner has nothing to do with the scoring, which is done individually.  The partner is there for several of the challenges that call for two people. Each player receives a notepad and pencil. One of the players keeps the score, while the other acts as the first leader.

All “script” cards are shuffled by the leader and placed face down on the table. The leader picks up the first script card and reads it to him. If the card includes all players, he will read aloud.

The first card, I picked up was, “This is the oldest line in the game, but… what’s your sign?” Whoever matches their sign to the leader gets 1 point.

The object of the game is to accumulate the most points after reading 12 script cards and the Final Challenge, which comes at the end when the sand timer is turned over and each player attempts to remember and write down one thing that each player said during the game.

The script cards can get dirty – very dirty.  Some of the script cards call for acting out certain things like “toe fencing” or pretending to eat an ice cream cone.  Some of the questions or situations are so incredibly funny while others are downright dumb.  But, for the most part, the game, with a couple of drinks could be a lot of fun with the right people who are comfortable being who they are.

Some of the questions range from: What type of underwear are you wearing? Or, if the leader of the round identifies a broad tipped thumb, he gets 4 points. There are dozens and dozens of silly situations that will keep you entertained for hours.

If you like to have fun and play sexy type games, then this one is certainly for you.

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