Product Review: Woolite Everyday

Woolite has been a part of my family since the beginning of my time! My parents used Woolite for hand washables and I used Woolite for my hand-washables. I wouldn’t use anything else.

So when Woolite introduced an Everyday formula, I was intrigued. The formula, which uses Fiber-Flext technology, protects clothing fibers so garments preserve their shap and fit longer. (Last weekend, I forgot my socks for a golf game and a friend had an extra pair. When he gave it to me to use, I asked him if they were brand new. He told me no. I wonder if he used Woolite Everyday?)

In addition to leaving clothes looking great from wash to wash, Woolite Everyday with Fiber-Flex also has “Sparkling Falls” scent that leaves clothes smelling fresh and clean.

Woolite Everyday with Fiber-Flex technology is available now in grocery stores nationwide. It retails for $8.87 for a 50 fl oz bottle and $13.97 for a 100 fl oz bottle.

Since I don’t like to intermingle my running clothing with my every day clothes, I  plan on using Woolite Everyday to keep my outfits looking fresh and clean!