Quarantine Getaway: Copake Falls, New York

tree upstate

When our friends asked my husband and me if we wanted to spend a weekend quarantining with them, we jumped at the opportunity. We’ve been staying very low key and haven’t seen anyone, including family since this pandemic started in March 2020.

Our friends bought a home in Copake Falls, New York about nine years ago. It is lovely and the backyard is incredible. They have their own pond, which is not unusual for an upstate home.

Day 1

My husband and I headed upstate at around 6 pm on Friday evening. We got there by about 8:30 pm. The next day, we went to a farmer’s market and bought some interesting mushrooms, a jar of honey, and this all-grain bread that weighed a ton! Everything that we purchased was “yummy!”

Rail Trail

Later that day, our friend took us on the rail trail. The trail is currently under construction, somewhat like the Tobay to Captree trail on Long Island. When the rail trail is finished it will be amazing. It spans from Yonkers all the way up, hundreds of miles north.

We went on a short piece of the rail trail approximately 18 miles round trip. We went over bridges, saw people fishing on rowboats in the water, and we experienced the beautiful fall foliage. The leaves were already turning upstate when we were there. It was gorgeous.

The trail was relatively flat. There were lots of leaves on the trail so at times it was hard to figure out what was under the leaves. In some parts, roots were up from trees, but once we got into the newer section, it was smooth riding. It wasn’t particularly wide, so we rode in a straight line.

That Evening

When we got back to the house, I watched as our friend went through her garden pulling out vegetables for dinner. That was fun. I’m not much of a gardener, so for me, the experience was awesome. Then we sat in her backyard, taking in the sun. It felt so nice.

Next Day

The next day, we walked around Copake falls. It’s a cute little town with a small little post office and church, which is no longer in use. Now the church is a museum.

We walked around the Taconic State Park and looked at the water pit. I was sad that it wasn’t open but when I stuck my foot in the water, I was grateful because I didn’t bring my wetsuit. The water was freezing!

Nice to getaway

It was so nice to spend time with our good friends and get away from all the craziness in the news. It was an awesome escape!

Have you escaped during COVID-19? If you did, where did you go?