Roberta’s in Bushwick Review

pizza oven at Roberta's

When you walk into Roberta’s Pizzeria in Bushwick, Brooklyn, you will first notice a brick oven. The staff claim that it was imported from Italy. Flames are going and you can watch as the pizza makers insert the pizza in the oven. When it comes out, it’s thin and crispy!

Roberta’s is one of those restaurants that started the gentrification of Bushwick. At one time, it was a rough neighborhood with lots of industrial areas. Today, it’s a thriving Brooklyn area with new luxury buildings being built.

Roberta’s is located in the heart of Bushwick.

Once you get past the brick oven, there are several different rooms, each has its own beauty and finesse. Some may think it looks like a run-down warehouse, but if you get past that, you will notice that it is quite pleasant.

pizza at RobertasMy husband and I sat in the middle room. It was light, airy, and very industrial-looking.

We looked at the menu and ordered two beers. The one I ordered I was told was their signature beer. (I’m not much of a beer drinker, but I actually liked the taste.)

We also ordered two personal-sized brick-oven pizzas. I ordered the “White Guy,” all-white pizza with no sauce, and my husband ordered their signature pie, the Bee Sting Pizza (this had chili and honey, making it a sweet and spicy taste).

Since we only could eat half of our personal pizzas, we decided to bring them home.

What did I think?

I thought the Bee Sting was a bit too spicy for my taste buds but I thoroughly enjoyed the “White Guy.”


Hilary's 3 star rating