Six Tips on Selecting a Wine With Dinner

Wine with dinner

When selecting a wine with dinner, consider the following:

Food pairing

Choose a wine that complements the flavors in your meal. For example, a rich red wine pairs well with red meat, while a light white wine pairs well with seafood.


Consider the body of the wine, which can range from light to full-bodied. A full-bodied wine can overwhelm lighter dishes, while a light-bodied wine may not stand up to heavier dishes.


Acidic wines pair well with rich and flavorful foods, while less acidic wines are better with milder flavors.


Tannins are the astringent compounds found in wine and can affect the taste. Wines with high tannins pair well with fatty or rich foods, while those with lower tannins pair better with lighter foods.

Personal preferences

Ultimately, the wine you choose should be one that you enjoy and fits your personal preferences.


Consider your budget when selecting a wine, but keep in mind that the most expensive wine is not always the best option for a particular meal.

My favorite wine is a red blend, preferably an Orin Swift wine. But there are so many amazing wines on the market from France and Italy to California and Oregon! Let me know what your favorite dinner wine is. Put it in the comment section of this blog!