Sunday Evenings…

Does anyone like Sunday evenings?

I know I don’t because I know that within a few hours, I will be back at the job. Don’t get me wrong, I love what I do but after a relaxing weekend with the family and friends, it’s hard to switch gears and focus again on work.

Then, once I’m at work on Monday, I get into the job again.  I feel exuberant. I’m ready to take on anything.  As the week gets underway, I’m so into what I do that I forget everything else.  And by Friday, I don’t want to stop and yet, I do.

Although I’m on line and answering emails and writing up proposals and blogs over the weekend, I feel like I take a break. I start reconnecting with my family and friends and it just feels good… but then there is Sunday evenings again!

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  1. Michael

    Depends on what time you get in from your days activities also if youhave kids or not? More likely than not, if you have kids then it's an evening of “is everything ready for school?” or “What was it I forgot?”

    I would love to just relax but it's tough.

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