The Profit Express Podcast Reaches 450+ Shows!

the profit express

Ever listen to The Profit Express with Tim Healy? If you haven’t, you probably should. The podcast recently hit its 450th show! It’s geared for an audience of 25-54-year-old business owners and executives who want to be entertained and make money.

Who is Tim Healy?

The host, Tim Healy, is incredible. He is engaging and gets his guests to provide usable advice. When he’s not on the air, he is the President and Owner of Healy Success Solutions.  His mission is to help sales organizations “Turn their Prospects into Profits.”  For more than 17 years Tim has helped individual sales professionals, entrepreneurs, and corporate sales teams create selling success through his customized Prospect to Profit Sales Training & Coaching Programs

Who are the Profit Express Guests?

Every Wednesday evening from 6:00 PM to 7:00 PM EST The Profit Express airs. Guests have included business leaders and celebrities from AOL Founder Steve Case, to Barbara Corcoran, Mike Rowe, to a best-selling former Gambino Mobster and George Foreman. You can listen to George as he shares why he was ready to sell his famous grill right after losing a 12 Round Fight! You’ll never want to miss an interview!

Why He Started the Profit Express?

“I decided to host it because many other sales trainers wrote books – at the time that didn’t interest me.  I loved the idea of having a weekly radio show talking about entrepreneurs and their journeys to success.  Plus the 1st time I went on air-live it was addicting.  Such a jolt of energy,” Healy said.

My Connection with Tim Healy

I met Tim many years ago. I honestly don’t remember the first time I met him. I feel like I’ve known him forever!

The Profit Express is a great small business show and if you haven’t listened to an episode, check it out today! Here’s a link: