Wedding Crashers at a Bar Mitzvah?


I’ve heard of “Wedding Crashers,” but never “Bar Mitzvah Crashers!”

My son had his Bar Mitzvah this weekend and we celebrated with a nice party.  He had several friends that he invited, so many that I can’t even keep count of them! We prepared ourselves and carefully organized a bus to transport the kids from the temple to the catering hall.

Just after the bus left, my daughter saw a cab pull up and a child step out. “Someone missed the bus!” She ran to catch up with the boy and told him to come with us to the catering hall.

He got into the car, and I figured he was just another one of my son’s new friends who just ran very late. My daughter was friendly to him.

“I have a gift,” the boy said.  “I’m giving $10 dollars.”

“That’s very nice,” I told him, as I wondered why he arrived so late. The invitation was VERY clear about the time.

After the party, my son came up to me and said, “I didn’t invite him…”