What Do You Think? Trust Bloggers or Reporters or Both?

Do you trust bloggers more than reporters?  That was the question of the week and here is what you said:

In the online survey, 39% of our community said they trust bloggers more than reporters. More than 45% said they are not sure.

When we asked you, our social networking friends, the same question, here’s what you said:

  • N.H. – Very good question! I have had some bad experiences with the NY Times! and I really have to know the writer these days in order to trust them.
  • V.L. –  A blogger’s biases are out there, so you know what the game is. Watch yourself with either one. It was long time ago: a NYT business reporter completely invented a poisonous quote; fortunately,got it cut when the fact-checker got in touch. Of course a blog doesn’t have such a safety valve.
  • L.M. –   Well… bloggers tend to write what they feel… reporters more what they hear and see… But everything is bias.
  • C.R. –  Neither!  Trust is a big word!
  • K.R. – Not sure what you mean by “deal” with media, but I have a hard time believing bloggers.  They, unlike reporters, do not mask their bias.  They put it on display.
  • Anonymous – it all lies in the credibility and that lies in the viewer/reader and how that one person feels so it depends on the person who is reading/viewing who they trust more through previous interactions with them.
  • J.E. –   I do if they appear to be open minded, logical, and fair in their thinking.
  • N.L. – depends on the topic!
  • L.K. –  Bloggers give their own opinions and speak their minds. Reporters tell facts but maybe not ALL the facts. If I’m looking for an opinion, then I’d go with blogger. Fact?- reporter.
  • G.S. –  I guess it depends on what they’re blogging about. News reporters are held responsible for their work and represent something larger than just themselves. Any old person wearing a tinfoil hat can make a blog and write whatever they want without consequence.
  • C.N. – trust no one.  🙂
  • E.G. – Doesn’t it depend on who the blogger is (just as who the reporter is)? there’s a lot of worthless crap out there masquerading as “news.”

What do you think?  Who do you trust more? Bloggers or reporters?