What’s With 3?

130-221the-three-stooges-posters.jpgThree stooges… Three blind mice… Three legged race… What’s up with 3?

Is three a good number or a bad number? According to a Google search, “3” is a good number. The majority of the entries say that good things come in 3’s!

But yet, I always thought the contrary. I think I’ve heard “bad things come in three’s,” more often than good things come in three’s!

Haven’t you heard, “two’s company, three’s a crowd?” or “when you hear of two accidents or deaths, there will be a third?”

Old wives tale? Maybe. But I started to reflect back on my life. My parents had three kids. My husband’s parents had three kids. My sister and I were born the day before my mother’s birthday (3?). My cousin, Josh, married a woman, Rose, who has the same birthday as well. (Now there are three on the same day….) Coincidence? Maybe…

I was thinking about three’s because a few months ago, I had knee surgery on the right leg — a meniscus repair as a result of a skiing accident out west. A month later, my sister had bunionette surgery on the right leg. (Sounds kind of pretty, huh? It wasn’t!) And about a week ago, my mother had skin cancer on the right leg. The cancer was removed but then she developed a major infection and she’s been in the hospital ever since. She had surgery yesterday to take out the infection and graph the leg. Was that a coincidence that we all had surgery on the same leg? Maybe…