Why Do Cheap Hotels Offer More Value Than Expensive Ones?

I travel a lot.  I stay in cheap hotels that cost $100  a night and I also stay in expensive hotels costing in excess of $400.

The expensive hotels are beautiful in appearance.  They have grand entrances and lobbies. They have helpful concierge, bell hops and doormen. But that’s about it.

But, expensive hotels are all a la carte.  You pay $10+ plus for the use of Internet and breakfast is hardly ever included.

Look at a cheaper hotel.  They offer free Internet, give you a full breakfast and not just a continental breakfast and the rooms are generally clean.

Recently, I stayed at the Country Inns & Suites but I also have stayed quite often at the Comfort Inn.  They offer a full breakfast including eggs, potatoes, fruit, waffles and more.

I know that these cheaper hotels are not everywhere and they typically aren’t as nice as the expensive ones.  But, they do offer value.  So why spend more when you can get more value elsewhere?

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  1. Vivian Leber

    So glad you wrote this, Hilary. It’s so obviously true, but I’ve never before heard anyone say it so clearly. I think some people just like the luxury look and feel, but I often get ticked off by the high-end extras — the bed turn-down is the worst, an invasion of my space. And how about those parking fees! My personal rule is that for one or two nights, especially on a utilitarian trip, the Hampton Inns and Country Inn and Suites types are great. If I’m spending just sleep and shower time in the room, cheaper is almost always better. But if the hotel is part of the experience, I’ll go for it (and usually regret it when the credit charges hit)..

    1. Hilary JM Topper, MPA

      Agree!  On LinkedIn, someone wrote to me that they would spend more on a comfy bed.  I might also but agree that when these hotels nickle and dime you, it’s very annoying.  I stayed at a Radisson Blu in Europe and it was quite lovely.  When the Internet is included in the fee, I’m a happy camper!  Thanks for your comments.  

  2. Johny Marsh

    I think the cheap hotels are impress the visitors by their services and discount. cheap hotels

  3. Elizabeth Wilson

    Some of the cheap hotels provide some best quality accommodation rather than the expensive hotels..

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