Why Do Some Kids Hate to Shop?

My daughter always loved to go shopping.  She still does. But my son, on the other hand, dreads shopping.  He will do anything to get out of going to the mall or going to a small store.  It doesn’t matter to him.  He just hates it.  So, oftentimes, I find myself going to various places buying him clothes without him being there.

The other day, though, I decided to take him  to American Eagle.  I wanted him to have more say in what he wears.  (He usually wears the same tee-shirts over and over again.)

As soon as we pulled the car up next to the store, he said, “can’t we skip this?”

Obviously, I said NO and we went inside. I pulled a few things off the shelves that I thought were cute. “What do you think of this? or this? or this?” I asked him.

Some things he liked and other things he didn’t like.  But when I made him try them on in the dressing room, that’s when all “hell broke loose.” He tried on the clothes but was really angry.  “I’m getting a cold because we went clothes shopping!” he said.

“How could you get a cold from trying on clothes?” I asked.

“I don’t know but I did and now I feel sick,” he said.

So I quickly paid for the items and left the store. “Before we go home, can we get the car washed?” I asked him.

“NO!” he said.  “Now I have a cold and I want to get home before I really get really sick.”

So much for our little adventure to the clothing store… Share your experiences with me with any tips and strategies on making shopping fun…


  1. Laura Savino

    Now we're curious if he suddenly really got sick / had cold or was he ready to play when he got home…LOL?

    1. hiltop25

      When we got home, he was fine! hahaha

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