Wine & French Fries in NYC- #vinofries

Wine and French Fries in NYC

I recently attended the 1st annual Southwest Wines of France Gourmet French Fries competition. The event was presented by Wine Enthusiast Magazine.

There were five stations. Each had an array of wines and fries served by famous chefs from fine restaurants across Manhattan. Station 1 was dry white wines; I stayed away. Although I did eyeball the twice cooked fries topped with classic white wine, garlic butter and fresh steamed mussels.

Station 2 were crazy duck fries which were sensational from the Redeye Grill paired with Rose wines. I loved the Chateau Bellevue la Foret. It was smooth and perfect for summer.

Station 3 is when we got to the good stuff – red wines (my fave). I only tasted wines that were high in point value. I enjoyed a class of L’Enclos des Braves paired with heirloom potato and vegetable fries.

The best fries for me was at station 4 the french fry’d duck with sour cherry chutney from Brod Kitchen. Here I tasted full body wines (100% malbec). Yum.

Finally when I got to table 5, I was a little tipsy but tasted the stuffed okra fries paired with Chateau LaMartine which was a full body red (my absolute favorite) which scored a 93.

I didn’t taste the other wines. Maybe I would have been pleasantly surprised, but I also would have been drunk so I stayed away. I had some cool water following the event and went on my way to the next event.

Great fries, great wines… who could ask for more?

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