Zello Review


Zello Review

Zello is an app that everyone should download on their Android or iPhone device. The app enables you to communicate with anyone who has it via old fashioned “walkie talkie.”

The reason why this app is important is cell service can be down and Zello still works! It works over the Internet and is free to download.

In the midst of the recent disasters in Texas, Florida, Oregon and Mexico, this app enables you to talk with someone in real time (with a little bit of a delay) like you were talking on a walkie talkie.

I tried it out with my brother who lives in Florida. We tested it before Hurricane Irma hit the state. It worked like a gem.

Even after he lost power, it still worked!

According to other blogs, “The Austin-based app proved to be reliable in Houston flood rescue efforts.”  More than 600,000 followers downloaded the app in iTunes after the Hurricane.

I’m impressed with the app. But make sure when you use it, to hold down the circle, otherwise, no one will hear you. And, when you do, don’t be surprised if your bag or jeans starts talking with you! (That means you have a call!)