24 Hours Without an iPhone?


I was without my iPhone for 24 hours and felt withdrawals.

I can’t believe how addicted we are to our mobile devices. There was once a time when there were no mobile phones. Today, there are very few payphones. So, without an iPhone or Android for 24 hours, you feel lost!

Meeting in Queens

I had a meeting in Queens by the Queens Center. I had my phone with me. When the meeting was finished, I went to my car, which was about a 10-minute walk. I paid for the parking pass and then tried to find my car. When I located the car, I sat down, turned on the ignition, and realized I didn’t have my phone.

“Now what?” I asked out loud to myself. “I gotta go back!”

So, I locked up the car. Went down a spiral ramp and walked back to my appointment. Mind you, the weather was only 90 degrees and humid. At that point, my hair had crimped up into a ball of curl, sweat was on my forehead as I walked down the street 10 minutes away to my appointment.

Went back to my appointment…

“Hi, did you find my cell phone?” I asked the receptionist.

“No,” she said and shook her head. She paged my appointment. He came out and said he didn’t see it either.

I walked back to the car in the 90-degree temperature. My heart was racing. What will I do if I can’t find it?

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Retracing my steps…

I retraced my steps but the phone was nowhere to be found. Was I pickpocketed? Did I leave it on top of the pay machine? If I did, someone walked away with it. Now what?

I tried not to panic. I had my computer with me but didn’t have Internet access to check “find my phone.” I had an appointment on Long Island at 12:30. It was only 11:30 but it was time to leave.

Then there was the drive…

Driving was a challenge since I depended on the phone to get me to my next appointment. I couldn’t call a friend or even look at my news feed. I was on silent.

To make matters worse, there was bumper to bumper traffic from Queens to Garden City, where I was meeting my friend.

The traffic was moving at a snail’s pace and one hour came and went. It was now 12:30 pm and I couldn’t call my associate. I couldn’t call anyone. I figured I had 15 minutes before the person would get nervous or start calling me.

12:45 came and went…

The traffic started to lighten up a little. I was close. I ended up getting to Garden City at 1 pm, a half-hour late. (Now, if you know me, you know, I HATE being late!) I had so much anxiety by the time I met my business friend.

I went directly to ATT after my appointment and put a stop on my phone and a claim in for a new phone. Then, I had to wait. I was told that I would get a new phone in 24 hours.

24 hours later…

Twenty-four hours went by since I lost my phone. I realized that I couldn’t listen to music, post on Instagram, look at my social feeds and, couldn’t listen to my headphones or my helmet while working out. I felt lost.

It’s amazing how dependent we become on such a small piece of equipment!