Product Review: Findable Phone Cases

I don’t know about you, but I always lose my cell phone.  I put it down and the ringer is usually off and I frantically search for it everywhere.  After several minutes or sometimes an hour, I find it.  Losing a cell phone is so frustrating!

After my recent switch to the Samsung Galaxy S4, I have been looking for a cell phone case that was trendy and up-to-date with new technology. The S4 is very different from the iPhone, so finding the right case was a new and exciting process!

I was given the Findables Samsung Galaxy S3 Glow Case in a blue box to try and was impressed at the texture of the case, as it is soft but also very durable.  I was also given a less flashy version in white and gray for my Galaxy S4.  I was impressed with the protective cover and it didn’t make my phone look gigantic!

The case has a related app.  Once downloaded, it has three modes — business mode, social mode and lost mode.

The business code allows you to save your contact information via a QR code, replacing the need for business cards. People who care about the environment will love this case because this feature allows you to get rid of all the business cards that are printed year round.

Findables also has a social mode.  When a friend scans your case, they can connect with all your social sites to learn more about you.

In addition, if I lost my phone, someone could scan my QR code and contact me. This is an innovative idea and certainly appeals to everyone who has ever lost his/her phone.  It could likely be a trend in cell phone cases in the future.

Earlier this quarter, Findables, a pioneer in app-powered mobile accessories, announced its latest accessories for the iPhone 5: the FlexStand and the FlexWrap Cases.

The cases are available at many retail stores including Best Buy and also available online at  They retail for $29.95.


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  1. J Duncan

    Nice. But, this does nothing to help YOU find your own phone when ringer is off, and its in your house, car, somewhere you can walk around and “hear it” if the phone case had a small watch battery and a speaker, and you hold the transmitter to send a signal to the small reciever in the phone case, that phone case can then emit a sound, so YOU can find it. Im going to possibly make some if I can figure out how to do it. Anyone who can help and wants to be “in on this”, please contact me, thanks.
    Or if anyone knows of such a product that exists. Or if you just want to steal my idea, go ahead.

    1. Hilary JM Topper, MPA

      I love the idea! That happens to me also. I use the app find my android but would be open to others out there! Thanks for commenting.

  2. David

    Actually, I need a rough and tough case just like a military grade cases provided by zizowireles.

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