365 Health and Happiness Boosters by MJ Ryan Review

365 Health and Happiness Booster

We’ve all been through a lot. The last two years have been rough for all of us. On top of the COVID pandemic, every day, we’re finding that someone is getting sick or someone else has died. It’s no wonder we have a hard time staying positive.

That’s where 365 Health and Happiness Booster by M.J. Ryan comes into play. The book is for all of us to help us learn not to get caught up in the moment but to look at the big picture and be happy.

365 health and Happiness Boosters

Every day, for 365 days, you will have an assignment. For example on June 14 – the author writes, “fall madly in love with the world.” Or, on April 22, the author suggests “drop your expectations.”

What’s cool about the book is that M.J. quotes different people and ties it in with the day.

On October 19, she writes “soak your feet.”

Between quotes, meditations, and more, the author really researched this book and if you follow it, you could easily have a moment of happiness every day!

You can pick up the book on Amazon here: https://www.amazon.com/Health-Happiness-Boosters-M-J-Ryan/dp/1642507636/.

Or, you can comment below and tell me why you want a copy and I’ll randomly select a winner and send you my copy!