Why Reading To Children Is Important

Why Reading To Children Is Important

Did you know that starting in kindergarten, if a student reads or is read to for 20 minutes a day at home, they will hear 1.8 million words per year? By 6th grade they will have read for 851 hours! So, why is reading to children important?

About the Interview

In this episode of Hilary Topper on Air, Hilary speaks with David Konrad, author of the Project Adventure Children’s Book Series – an action-packed, fun-filled, and driven by characters series that will be cherished by young readers seeking their next favorite mystery. Listen as David discusses the importance of reading to children at any age. Learn why dads should get involved, about David’s own experiences as a stay-at-home parent, why kids ages 9-12 want adventure stories, the pros and cons of screen time, and more!

About David Konrad

David Konrad is an adventurous dad who shares his love of storytelling not only with his twins but with young readers around the world. He is the author of the Project Adventure Children’s Book Series. These action-packed, fun-filled mysteries feature characters that young readers root for again and again.

His desire to make a difference in the lives of children is reflected in his writing. With his own children in mind, David set out on his own adventure as an author. While moving to different European locations and raising his young family, he found inspiration to write. When not writing or reading, David enjoys cooking and playing basketball with his kids.

About Project Adventure

The Project Adventure Children’s Book Series tells the story of preteens Ethan and Matt who are best friends and founders of the Project Adventure kid-detective agency. They are always looking for adventures, solving a good mystery, and making new friends. Together, they embark on exhilarating journeys that strengthen their friendship, courage, and social skills.

The digital box set contains the first four mysteries in the Project Adventure children’s books series including The Heart of the Island, Rumble at the Zoo, The Courtside Mystery, and The Scrapyard Shakedown.

Discover more information on David’s website, https://davidkonradauthor.com/, or order books on Amazon.