A Pedicure From Hell…


It’s three o’clock in the morning and I’m sitting up writing this blog.  Why? Because two days ago, I had a pedicure from hell.

I was feeling stressed that day because, at HJMT, we had major computer issues, had to prepare a presentation for a new business meeting, and had to take care of a bunch of personal issues.

One of my staff members recommended that I go get a manicure/pedicure at a place in Hicksville.  After work, I went over there.

“I heard that the spa pedicure is great,” I said.

“You mean the green tea one,” the pedicurist asked.

“I guess,” I said.  And he proceeded to prepare the water with green tea and he told me to soak my feet. As I sat there soaking, I had the massage chair going and I thought, this is so nice.

After that, he applied a mask to my legs and wrapped my legs in cellophane wrap. He also put something on my heels and the bottom of my feet to remove the calluses.  He wrapped that too.

After removing, he scraped off the bottom of my feet so hard I was flinching. Suddenly I started to feel a burn on my ankle. I tried to ignore it.

Then he brought out this small stick and started to poke my feet with it.  I screamed.  “That hurts!” I said.

“No, it’s good if it hurts,” he told me, “this is reflexology and this will bring you good health. The more it hurts the better.”

I’m thinking, you got to be kidding!  So I let him go on. By the time he was finished, I could barely walk.

Now, I’m sitting here nearly two days later and the bottom of my feet are killing me.  And, that burn on my ankle is just as bad as the day I got it.

I always thought that pedicures are supposed to be relaxing.  I don’t know if they are or they aren’t but what I do know is, two days ago, I had a pedicure from hell!


  1. Judifran

    OMGoodness, yes you had a pedicure from hell. I have them frequently, every 6 weeks-two months I guess, and they are great! It’s cool to have your toes look as neat and fresh as you fingers! So, please do not give pedicures a bum rap, just the fellow who inflicted the pain you suffered. Also, I have reflexology done by a massage therapist and it is wonderful. She works on my feet (and hands) and the work she does even goes so far as to make my old knees feel better! The only bad part of a massage or reflexology is that you have to eventually get up and get moving! Judi Franzen

    1. Hilary

      Hey Judi, thanks for your comments! I’m glad you had a great experience…

  2. Sscutler

    Sorry your pedicure hurt…just thinking of you and want to know if you’d join some LI friends for a dinner reunion (actually just dinner) Friday night April 1st while I am visiting LI for some research on a book I am writing. Joy Kastner, Karen Perry, and anyone bright and stimulating to get together somewhere somehow. You have my # – please let me know if you’re in town. Sharon Sultan Cutler

  3. Massfolk1

    Your mama says, “go to a regular podiatrist” they know what they are doing….
    Hope you are feeling better.

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