Accident #2

Do all accidents or illnesses come in threes or is that just an “old wives tale?” I’m hoping that it is just an old wives’ tale. Because a couple of weeks after I got my car back from the first accident that happened in the city when a taxi driver went into me while I was standing still at a red light.

This time, I was looking for a spot in Bellmore, Long Island. I was in a parking lot behind the stores and saw an empty spot. I stopped and as I stopped, I noticed that there was a cone holding the spot. It was like someone was saving the spot.

Just as I stopped, a woman in a Jeep slammed into me. The brand-new bike rack that I just replaced was destroyed. My rear bumper was a mess and I turned to my cousin who had just come in for the weekend from Colorado and said, “did we just get hit again?”

She looked at me and shook her head.

How Often Does that Happen?

After the police arrived and we got a report, I called the insurance company. “How often does this happen?” I asked them, expecting them to say that it was very rare for an accident on top of another accident.

“Oh it happens more often than you would expect,” the insurance woman told me. I was surprised.

Deja Vu

I felt like I just went through everything. I had to deal with the car, the insurance company, the rental car company, the physical therapist, getting x-rays, and the like. And, here, I was doing it all over again.

This time, I wasn’t going to deal with the rental car company in Freeport. But I did take the car back to the BMW Mercedes Collision shop in Freeport.

When I walked into the shop, Joani behind the counter said, “is everything okay with the work we did?”

“Oh everything was just fine until I got hit in the rear again,” I said.

She couldn’t believe it. Almost the same accident occurred less than six weeks before.

Rental Car

When I went to pick up my rental car from Enterprise in Bellmore, they only had a Mazarati or a pickup truck. When they told me that the Mazarati was an additional $22 a day, I balked. I did not want to pay anything this time out of pocket.

When they saw I was upset, the manager told me she would waive the fee and rent me the Mazarati.

Well, at least I got an opportunity to check out the Mazarati and you know what, it’s a HOT car! (Hopefully, this is the end of the accidents for me in my Mercedes and this time will be a forgotten time in history.)