Albatross Zero Waste Butterfly Safety Razor

We all shave somewhere. Whether we shave our faces, under our arms, our legs, etc., we need a good razor that will give us the cleanest possible shave. Albatross is a company that prides itself on Zero Waste. The company sells the Zero Waste Butterfly Safety Razor.

The Zero Waste Butterfly Safety Razor:

The thing about this razor is that it handles every shaving situation well. The Butterfly twists from the bottom and the top opens up like a butterfly. It is 3.5″ in length and is the company’s most popular model. 

Here are the benefits:

  • For all genders & shaving needs
  • Delivers a close, razor burn-free shave  
  • Built to last with a high-polished finish (no rust ever!) 
  • Comes with 10 reusable razor blades & a hemp storage bag 
  • Fits all standard double-edge safety razor blades 
  • A completely plastic-free shaving kit

What’s interesting about Albatross is that they also send you an envelope to send the used razors back to the company to recycle.


It’s also heavy-duty material so that you know it will last.

Taking it for a test drive

I had never used this type of razor. I had seen them in my father’s bathroom growing up but never used one before. I never thought they would work right for a woman. I honestly thought they were gender-specific. I was wrong!

It gave me a smooth shave in sensitive places and I was delighted with it.

About Albatross:

Albatross Designs was the first company to eliminate all plastic and waste from shaving. Since 2015 they had one primary goal: to offer a better product at a better price. They believe that sustainability should be affordable because only then can [accessible] sustainable products make a real difference in the world.

Want one?

You can get one by clicking here: Albatross Design. Get yourself 15% off by using the code NOWASTE15.