Can a Business in NY Charge a Surcharge for Credit Card Use?

Credit card

I went to a physical therapist in Bethpage. I was told by two people that this particular therapist was the best on Long Island. I’m still suffering from my meniscus surgery and after talking with my doctor, he told me I should go back to therapy.

I went to a local PT place by my home but after a couple of weeks, I found that the exercises I was taught, can be done at home and I left.

So, when I got this recommendation, I was excited. I called and made an appointment. They followed up with me.

When I came back from my early January vacation, I went to the office. I walked in and immediately saw that no one wore masks. At that time, the pandemic was bad again and everyone was either getting the Omnicon variant, the flu, or both.  I was feeling uneasy. But hearing that this person was the best put me somewhat at ease.

After filling out the paperwork, I sat and waited, wearing my N95 mask. I looked over at the window and noticed a sign that said there was a 3.75% surcharge on all credit cards.

“I didn’t bring cash with me,” I told the woman at the front desk. “Can’t you make an exception since it’s my first time?”

She told me that the fee was automatically charged from the credit card company. I knew, having used credit cards in the past, that there was no such thing. She blatantly lied to me.

“I heard this guy is the best but if you won’t make an exception then I’m leaving,” I said.

The receptionist said, “so leave.”

And with that, I was gone.

Went home upset

I was upset and I started to surf the internet to find out if it was legal to charge a fee. It is not! Check out what I found out on the NYS consumer protection agency website –

This website also talks about surcharges for restaurants and retail stores too. It is illegal unless the store is giving you a discount for using cash and not charging for the credit card. Food for thought… huh?

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