And So What If I Like Cake Batter Ice Cream!

ice cream

I went to an ice cream store in New York City with my daughter. She’s been telling me about this place since she moved into her NYC apartment.  “They have Banana Foster ice cream,” she said.

She knows exactly what I like!  I love Banana Foster.  I actually make a mean one from scratch!

So when we walked to the store on First Avenue, tried the Banana Foster ice cream before we bought it, we were both disappointed!

The ice cream was watery and not at all as I envisioned. After that, I tasted the Oreo, cake batter and fudge one.  If you know me, you know I’m a huge fan of the Oreo but the ice cream was still not very good. I settled for cake batter ice cream, at least you can’t screw that one up, could you?

I asked for the “baby” cup and started to eat the ice cream.  It wasn’t very good. It was actually one of the worst ice cream flavors I ever tasted.  (I love Cold Stone’s cake batter ice cream.  That is my all-time favorite.)

“This is just awful,” I said to my daughter.

As I said that, a woman who was with her young daughter interrupted me. “Well, you know, Cake Batter is a baby flavor,” she said.

“I guess that makes me a baby,” I said.  “Actually, I think it means I don’t want to grow up!”

She looked at me and sneered. As I walked out, I thought, baby flavor? Whatever…


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