Are You Green?

images2.jpegEveryone is turning green. It’s the “cool” thing to do. There are the green builders, paint companies with “green” paint, law firms that say they are green by being paperless and even promotional companies that manufacture recyclable clothing. If you’re not “green,” you’re not environmentally friendly.

But don’t you think it’s a little late? When I was growing up, we had all these programs on ecology and saving the environment. So why didn’t we do something then? Why did we wait thirty years to first realize that we’ve got to go green?

There are so many people who have breathing problems. So many children who have autism, ADD/ADHD and more disorders than ever. Lung Cancer and other cancers are more prevalent today than ever before. Can all of these illnesses and disorders be attributed to the environment and global warming?

Lately, we have been representing companies that want to make a difference. One company will give half of their commissions to turning offices green. It’s a cool concept. So, for example, if I were to move to another building, and I wanted to turn the office green by putting down green carpet, putting in high efficiency light bulbs and recycling bins, this company would give me a certain portion of their commission to make it happen.

Another company we represent, is using Benjamin Moore Paints that are environmentally friendly. They paint murals on the outside of buildings, inside of restaurants and homes and on windows of businesses. Another client is putting a disclosure on all of their emails to make sure that their clients don’t print out emails to save trees.

As much as I feel like we should have been doing these things years ago, I’m glad that companies are realizing that we need to try to save our environment. Even though it may be a little late, everyone can do their part to try to save what we have so that our future generations can enjoy all of nature’s wonders that we all cherish today!


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