The Case Of the “Holy” Stockings…

A couple of weeks ago, I was working in the NYC office and decided to park my car uptown. I’ve found that certain parking lots are relatively cheaper than others and decided that by parking on 86th Street, I can save myself at least $30. On this day, I parked uptown, took the #6 subway to 59th Street and Lexington Avenue and walked to my Madison Avenue office.

I was dressed up to go to an event that evening and was thinking about all the things I needed to accomplish during the day, when all of a sudden…

I fell…

I fell flat on my face, right on the corner of 59th and Madison. About a dozen people came running over to me to see if I was okay. But all I kept thinking was, LEAVE ME ALONE! I was so embarrassed! (And who said New Yorkers aren’t the friendliest people in the world?)

I quickly got myself up and looked down. My panty hose was all torn and my knee was bleeding. I remembered that there was a store call Wolford’s on Madison not too far away. My mother in law used to tell me about that shop all the time. She would say they have incredible under garments but they were expensive.

How expensive can they be for a pair of pantyhose?

I walked in the store and asked the salesperson for two pair of pantyhose. “Do you want sheer and lightweight or heavy weight?” she asked.

I gave her a look. It was 95 degrees outside, why would I want heavy weight stockings? “I guess you want the light weight,” she said and handed me a pair. “You could go into the dressing room and put them on while I ring you up.”

I handed her my credit card, not looking at the price because how much could an expensive pair of pantyhose be? $20? $25? (Normally, I pay $5.99 at Century 21.)

I changed the pair that was all ripped up and quickly put on the Wolford pair. They were nice. Very comfortable. Very silky.

I went to sign my credit card receipt and took a second take at the price. It was $104 for two pairs of pantyhose! I shook my head and looked again — $104 for two pairs. This was unbelievable. I was stuck. I took my purchase and ran out the door.

When I spend $5.99 for a pair of stockings they usually last one or two days max. So, if I get 10+ uses out of these pantyhose, then I actually saved money. At this point, I’ve worn them twice. Eight more times to go….


  1. Phyllis

    thats some story. cant beliieve the price. did u get hurt??
    hope u r ok

  2. Allie

    LOL…I hope you learned your lesson!

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