AU Natural Skinfood #leaveitbetter Review

AU Skincare

The founder of AU Natural Skinfood sent me a couple of samples for review. Remember when Burt’s Bee first came out and it was all the rave because of the all-natural ingredients? Well, AU Natural Skinfood reminds me of Burt’s Bee. The thing that is different is 1) it’s a start-up company and 2) the products are amazing!

Anti-bacterial Treatment for Lips, Abrasions, and Burns

Let’s start with the Anti-bacterial Treatment for Lips, Abrasions, and Burns. My lips are always chapped. I’ve tried numerous chapstick and none of that works. I find that Blistex works but it also burns my lips. When I tried the AU lip balm, it actually felt good on my lips. It’s all-natural and made with vegetable oil, beeswax, shea butter, sunflower seed oil, Manuka honey, among other natural ingredients.

What I find appealing about this product (and also a little disturbing) is that it can be used as a multifunctional item for the repair of insect bites, boils, gravel rash, chafing, cuts, and scar tissue. How many products do you know that actually are multifunctional?

Manuka Honey Hand Cream

My hands are also always dry and because of that, I find that they show every vein in my hand. The Manuka Honey Hand Cream is amazing. It goes on thick and at first, I was compelled to wipe it off, but it dried quickly and my hands really look 10 years younger. I’m not kidding. I guess I was so dry that I needed it. I think this will be my go-to all winter long!

What’s interesting about the jar is that it’s refillable. Yes, I said refillable. So, it’s less plastic for our landfills.

Defend – Moisturizing gel hand sanitizer

This AU hand sanitizer is made from 74% plant-based alcohol, which I find very interesting. It’s enriched with Manuka Honey (found in most of their products) and Aloe. It smells like any other hand sanitizer but when you apply it, it doesn’t dry you out like most hand sanitizers.

About the Founders

AU Natural Skinfood founders, Tracy and Tony Ahern are from New Zealand and that’s where all of their products are based. They were determined to produce an affordable skincare range, based on the science of nature their vision has always been effective clean beauty. They developed ethical beauty products from the most healing ingredient of all – Manuka honey (used by hospitals to topically heal the skin).

Tracy sent me a personalized note with the sample pack. It was nice to see a personalized note. You don’t get those anymore! The products were impressive, hence this blog post. You can check them out at