FactorFive Three-Step Skincare Review


I don’t know about you, but as I age, my skin is getting dryer and dryer. So when FactorFive approached me to check out their new line, I was excited.

FactorFive Three-Step Skincare

There were three products in the package – Regenerative Serum, Anti-Aging Cream, and Eye/Lash Cream.

The instructions said to use all products twice a day, starting with the Regenerative Serum first after thoroughly washing your face. I applied over my face and neck. It felt good. My skin just soaked it in.

Next, I applied the Anti-Aging Cream over my face and neck. Again, I felt my skin just soak it up. It felt so soft after that!

The last step in the process was the eye/lash cream. That specifically goes on your eye and under your eye. I didn’t feel it irritating at all.

About FactorFive

The company has its own laboratory, located in California. They use “Visia,” a highly advanced skin analysis system to measure results. They test and retest to make sure that real people benefit from these products.

Interestingly, the serums are made from stem cells that have growth factors and lasting results. There are no parabens or any other harmful agent and they have never been tested on animals.

Taking it on a test drive

I haven’t used it long enough to see the effects. However, I really liked that it wasn’t heavy on my skin and just soaked in. There are some products that I can feel on my skin and it bothers me. FactorFive made my skin feel smooth and silky.

You can pick it up by going to their website – https://factorfiveskin.com/.

Hilary's 3 star rating