Best Hand Sanitizer for COVID-19

Medzone Hand Sanitizer

Since this pandemic started in March, I have purchased a lot of hand sanitizers and hand wipes. Most are between 75 – 85 percent effective in killing germs. There are some that are even less effective, that is why the experts say washing your hands with soap is the most efficient way to kill COVID-19, but washing your hands with soap doesn’t last long.

We are constantly touching things and without wearing gloves all day, we need to constantly wash or use hand sanitizer. Recently, I had the opportunity to check out MedZone’s Hand Sanitizer. This is why I think it is the best hand sanitizer for COVID-19.

MedZone’s Hand Sanitizer

First off, the MedZone Hand Sanitizer is 99.99 percent effective in killing germs. (Look at the hand sanitizers you have at home and you will see that this is rare.) The hand sanitizer has 62% Ethyl Alcohol in it.

The thing about the MedZone Hand Sanitizer is, it’s not sticky and it smells good! All of the bottles of hand sanitizer I have are so sticky that when I get a chance to rinse it off, I’m happy! You don’t have to do that with this hand sanitizer. It leaves your hands feeling soft, sticky free, and smelling good.

In terms of the scent, there is a very slight scent. It’s not overwhelming like many of the other hand sanitizers.

The hand sanitizer gel can be used for daily use, travel, and sports. It comes in a pump bottle and a pour bottle. You can also get lavender hand sanitizer from a surgical supply store.

Where can I get the best Hand Sanitizer?

You can purchase two 12 oz bottles for $16.99 or three 6 oz pump bottles for $17.99. For this review, I received one 12 oz bottle and one 6 oz pump to sample. You can buy them here: