Should You Fly During COVID-19?

flying during covid19

Tips on Flying Provided

I took a flight to Florida a few weeks ago. When I got on the plane at JFK, I was a nervous wreck! I always fly Delta. I’m very loyal to that airline and have racked up many frequent flyer miles.

How did it go?

Delta boarded from the back of the plane forward. I never understood why during other times, they boarded from the front back. It never made much sense to me.

The rationale behind this, “it limits the exposure to other passengers.”

Everyone on the plane wore a mask. I also wore gloves and wiped down my entire seat including the tray table, television, arm rest, seat, etc. (I did that pre-COVID-19.) I’m a little bit of a germaphobe anyway.

We took off from JFK to Orlando, Florida. Heading down to Florida, we sat in the first class. We were offered an individually wrapped snack bag.

The flight attendant came up to us and started to cry, “thank you Mr. and Mrs. Topper for flying Delta. It’s important that you keep on flying,” she said.

I felt bad. A tear rolled down my left eye. I didn’t want to wipe it because I didn’t want my hand near my eyes or mouth. So, I let it drip down my face.

Otherwise, the flight was uneventful.

Getting off the Plane

During that time, the pandemic was hitting Florida hard. But, they were still quarantining New Yorkers for 14 days. Since we knew we were there on a mission to pack up my son and leave, we avoided filling out the forms. When we exited the plane, a Delta worker asked for the form. We just walked by and never handed it in.

We went to my son’s apartment, packed up his apartment, and my son and husband took the auto train home. I rented a car and drove down to Boca Raton.

Flying Home

The flight from Ft Lauderdale to LaGuardia was a little different than the prior experience. JFK by the way was empty. No one is there. It was like a ghost town!

But, on the other hand, Ft. Lauderdale airport was packed with people. They try to socially distance people but it was difficult. I sat in the airport with my mask and face shield. I also wore gloves. The Delta club was closed and I got to the airport way too early, so I had to sit there and, of course, I had a panic attack.

Once the plane was boarded, I felt more relaxed. When the plane landed in New York, I got off the plane and a woman asked for my entry form. Since I never got one, I told her I didn’t have one. She said, “okay” and let me go by.

I was glad but also amazed at how no one was tracking me, especially coming from Florida. However, I did the right thing and quarantined for 14 days. I also had a COVID-19 test when I got home to be safe.

Makes you wonder…

But, the whole experience makes you wonder how many other people are doing the same thing and not quarantining?

Tips on Travel by Plane:

  • Wear a mask and if you can get a face shield, wear that too!
  • If you have to drink, hydrate. That’s important. (I didn’t sip my water for almost 3 hours and when I arrived in Orlando, I felt horrible.) Take off your mask, or hold it up for a moment or two. Take a sip of water and pull it back down.
  • Bring the Clorox wipes with you! Then, wipe down the seat, the tray table, the armrests, the television, and even the air vent above your head. (The airlines say they clean, but who knows what kind of a job they are doing!)
  • Try to avoid the bathroom. But, if you have to go get a Freshette (I posted this article on my blog.). You will thank me!
  • If people are lining up, make sure to space out 6 feet apart. If someone is too close behind, tell them to move back.

The flight attendants are trying to keep their jobs, so they want you to be happy and keep flying.

Honestly, I felt pretty safe in the air. I feel less safe in a crowded space on the ground!