Book Review: Magnificent… Married or Not – Reaching Your Highest Self Before, During, and After Divorce

According to the Marriage Foundation in the UK, 39% of all married couples will get divorced. Although divorce rates have declined somewhat in the last 10 years, if you look around, you will know at least one person who had a divorce.

Being married is tough, there’s no doubt about that.  When couples in their 20’s or 30’s marry for the first time, they have these grand delusions that they will live happily ever after.  But even without divorce, that’s never the case. There are ups and downs in every marriage.

When a marriage doesn’t work, it can be devastating for the person who didn’t see it coming.  That person experiences a ton of negative emotions that keeps escalating until the person is willing to make necessary changes.

A new book, written by Cloris Kylie, a blogger, radio show host and recent divorcee, called Magnificent…Married or Not – Reaching your highest self before, during, and after divorce, is available to help people undergoing divorce get their lives back in order. A well-written, well thought out book, Cloris takes the reader on a spiritual journey to rediscover and strengthen ourselves.

Chapter 2 discusses all the negatives feelings that you may experience.  Cloris writes from the heart. Her husband left her after he had an affair with another woman.  She talks to the reader in a loving, gentle way that helps the reader feel not alone.  I loved the way she transitioned into Chapter 3 and turned around the negative feelings that one would have to uplifting, positive energy.

Throughout Magnificent…Married or Not, Cloris helps the reader get through the pain and change the pain into hope.  She offers exercises to help the reader heal.  One in particular talks about the path to your highest self, this includes:

  • Be fair to yourself
  • Remember that life isn’t always about being fair but that you have the choice to “align with energy patterns that result in happiness and fulfillment.”
  • Connect with God by being love
  • Focus your attention on joy, love and the things in your life that are important

Instead of saying negative things during your transition, Cloris helps to turn around sayings and tells the reader to repeat them often.

The book is broken down into several sections.  The first part focuses on the human consciousness and the law of attraction.  The next section explores the four facets of ego — “separation by connecting, attachment by detaching, resistance by allowing and blaming by taking ownership of the situation.” The last section really helps the reader grow and reach his/her highest self by taking separation or divorce and turning it into a learning experience.

The appendix provides helpful tips and strategies on dealing with attorneys, peaceful negotiations, and more.

Magnificent…Married or Not – Reaching Your Highest Self Before, During and After Divorce by Cloris Kylie is a passionate book about rediscovering yourself.

Although I have not had the experience of divorce and have been married for more than 20 years, I can appreciate the content in this book. I found it interesting and also helpful in realizing my true potential.  If you’re in a situation where divorce seems likely, I would recommend this book. It will help you pick up the pieces and shed the negativity surrounding this difficult situation.



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    Thank you for this wonderful review of “Magnificent…Married or Not.” I wrote the book with the intention to save people a lot of pain and time as they go through this most difficult challenge. If readers have questions, they can contact me through social media or by going to

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