Can You Read My Mind?

I always think it’s funny when I start to say something and another person finishes my sentence.  This doesn’t happen often outside of the workplace but at work, it happens all the time!

Today, I’m not feeling well so I decided to stay home, have my conference calls and go to a local meeting with Kristie Galvani, HJMT’s Senior VP. I was chatting with Kristie on line and we were just finishing up the conversation when she wrote – “don’t slip…”

I didn’t see that post. But, when I got out of bed, do you know what happened?

I tripped over the computer cord and fell into the bathroom!

When I came back to my computer I saw her message.  Now how did she do that?

The funny thing is, she does that all the time. We’ve been working together now for 10 years and I believe she can read my mind and I can read hers.  It happens with some of the other people in the office but not as much as it’s with Kristie.

I guess it’s because we have been through a lot of changes together. When Kristie first started, HJMT was still in Long Beach on the corner of Edwards and Park Avenue. She was there for the first move to our Westbury office.  She was there for the expansion of our office.  She was there for the opening of our New York City office and our Rochester office.

On a personal note, I read at her wedding.  I watched as she was pregnant for nine months and then gave birth to a beautiful boy and she was there for my kids achievements as well. So it’s no wonder that she can read my mind after all these years.

Can you read other people’s minds?

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    It's been an amazing ten years. I'm so happy and proud to be part of all the HJMT growth and can't wait to see the next ten years unfold…

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